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Guys, today we are discussing about the Modicare Business Plan i.e., Modicare Azadi Business plan. In today’s article we will discuss about modicare full information, modicare history, modicare business plan then how you can join modicare plan. So, let’s start with some basic information about Modicare.

Modicare is India’s first product based multi-level marketing (MLM) company. Modicare is founded by Mr. Samir Modi in 1996 with seven products and only one centre, but after facing number of problems, today Modicare comes in top 10 direct selling companies with around 40 centres in India and over 100 products. Now let’s discuss about the modicare business plan in detail.

Modicare Business Plan

Guys do you want to do a business with zero investment as joining, where no time bounding is there, and want to earn unlimited profit. Then, Modicare Business Plan, well known as Modicare Azadi Business Plan.

Modicare is India’s first product based MLM (Multiple Level Marketing) company and one of the leading direct selling company in India. Mr. Samir Modi started modicare plan with one centre, seven products and approx. 400 consultants, which is now grown up to 40 centres, over 100 products and approx. 100000 consultants in India.

Mr. Samir Modi started modicare business plan which is modicare azadi business plan with 10 ways of earning profits. We have listed these 10 ways of earning from modicare business plan in below table.

S.NO.10 Ways of Income
1.Savings on Consumptions
2.Retail Profit
3.Accumulative Performance Bonus
4.Director Bonus Pool
5.Team Builder Bonus Pool
6.Atoot Bandhan Bonus Pool
7.Leadership Productivity Bonus Pool
8.Dream Vehicle Bonus Pool
9.Dream Travel Bonus Pool
10.Dream Home Bonus Pool

To study modicare business plan, we need to understand these 10 areas of income under modicare azadi business plan. Now let’s discuss these 10 ways of modicare business plan in detail and understand them.

Saving on Consumption : Under modicare business plan, first way to earn profit is saving on consumption. Under Modicare plan all the product you purchase from modicare centre is available up to 20% discount on MRP. In this way, you are able to earn profit in the form of saving.

Retail Profit : You can buy modicare product on discount and further can sell it on MRP or sell then MRP after adding your margin into products amount. Under modicare business plan, income from retail or selling good is a great income, you can add maximum margin up to product’s MRP.

For example, if a product’s MRP is 100 then you will get it from modicare in 20% discount price i.e., for Rs. 80 and then you can sell this product on MRP i.e., Rs. 100. In such a way, you will be able to earn 20% retail profit.

Accumulative Performance Bonus : Every time when you and your group to whom you have sponsored buys modicare product you earn APB (accumulative performance bonus). And after 1 month your and your group’s APB is added and your modicare commission calculated which is distributed among you and your group.

ATOOT BANDHAN BONUS (ABB) POOL 2% : Company provides up to 2% of Atoot Bandhan bonus to their diamond crown directors and above consultants. This is the 6th major income in this modicare business plan.

4% Director Bonus (DB) Pool : When you are able to build up your team and able to get promoted as director then you are eligible for your fourth income from modicare business plan. Modicare company provides 4% commission on your PV. This commission is known as director bonus.

Team Builder Bonus Pool (14%) : Team Builder Bonus is set aside from company’s profit up to 14%. All the senior director can get this income under modicare business plan.

LEADERSHIP PRODUCTIVITY BONUS (LPB) POOL 15% : All the team leaders with more PBV is eligible for 15% extra income under modicare business plan. Company set aside 15% of their profit to give it as leadership productivity bonus to their team leaders.

Dream Vehicle Bonus Pool 5% : Everyone among us have dreams to get our dream vehicle which we hope that never will come true, but modicare business plan provides you help to get your dream vehicle. All senior executive directors are eligible to earn up to 1,00,000 for four-wheeler and 50,000 for two-wheeler vehicle.

Dream Travel Bonus Pool : Guys, we all have dream to go somewhere in this World for tour and to enjoy. Modicare also make it for you guys. If you are senior director then you can earn this bonus of modicare business plan and enjoy your tour with your family.

Dream Home Bonus Pool : Everyone of us wants our own home. To get our dream home, modicare business plan provides you up to 1,20,000 per month if you are eligible for dream home bonus pool.

Friends, above mentioned were 10 areas of income under modicare business plan. You can earn income from above ways under modicare plan after joining the modicare business plan. Now you would be thinking that, how you will join Modicare business plan? Don’t panic guys, we will also tell you about modicare joining process.

Government Guidelines for Modicare

Following listed are some important guidelines for direct selling companies and for MLM (Multi-level Marketing) companies. These guidelines were released in 2016 by Government for regulating the functions of direct selling companies. As Modicare is also a direct selling company, so these guidelines are also implemented on the Modicare Business Plan. Let’s have a look on them:

Conditions for Starting a Direct Selling company: As directed by the government, for setting up a direct selling company, these companies need to registered a legal entity under the laws of India through publication of the notification in the Official Gazette shall be complied with within 90 days.

Direct selling companies need to provide a proper and complete information and notification to their Direct Sellers. Company needs to pay all dues and withholdings of their direct sellers.

Conditions for regulating Direct Selling Business: First of all, company needs to have a proper legal license and a trademark or identity mark to be printed on its every product.

Company should maintain a proper record of their direct sellers with their identity proof and their pan number. Also, company has to maintain a proper and updated website with all relevant information like contact details, headquarters address and information related to all its products.

Guidelines for Direct Selling contract between Direct sellers and Direct Selling Company: Every Direct selling company should execute a proper contract between direct seller and them. These contracts should be properly designed in a proper manner consistent with Section 10 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872. All the terms and conditions as well as commission and payment information should be clearly mentioned.

Guidelines for Protection of Consumer: Direct seller and direct selling company should be guided with all the provision under Consumer Protection Act 1986. Direct seller and direct selling company should keep their consumer’s information private. All the consumer complaints received over email, website, mails or walk in should be entertained in a proper manner.

 Prohibition of Money Circulation Scheme and Pyramid Scheme: No direct seller or direct selling company should ask or promote directly or indirectly money circulation scheme and pyramid scheme. Doing such an activity can be punishable with imprisonment.

 Conditions for Appointment of Monitoring Authority: Every direct selling company requires to maintain proper accounts which will be monitor by the state government mechanism annually.

The state government needs to establish a monitoring authority which will regulate and check that the direct selling companies are compliance with the direct selling guidelines 2016.

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Guys, above mentioned guidelines are government guidelines for modicare. These government guidelines for modicare are maintained properly and in a good manner, that’s why the modicare company is one of the leading direct selling company in India. Now moving further guys, we have next topic about Modicare History.

Modicare History

Guys, as discussed earlier, Mr. Samir Modi founded the Modicare company in 1996. Mr. Samir Modi started this company with one centre, seven products and approx. 400 consultants. Now it is extended up to 40 centres, over 100 products and approx. 100000 active consultants.

Modicare was India’s first direct selling company. Even after facing number of problems and downfalls, modicare is now one of the leading direct selling company in India. In earlier time, people were not aware about MLM or direct selling company in India, but in recently 5 years, direct selling companies are getting popular as well as growing at an increasing rate.

Guys, now we will tell you that how you can join modicare and get benefit and profit from modicare business plan. We will tell you how you can be a part of modicare business plan.

Modicare Joining Process

Guys if you want to join the modicare plan then we will tell you the modicare joining process. To join the modicare business plan you need the following documents:

  • Valid Address Proof
  • Email ID
  • PAN card

If you have above mentioned documents then you can easily join the modicare business plan and earn profit from this modicare plan. There is no registration fee to join modicare plan. To join modicare business plan you need to register your self first. To register you with modicare plan you need to follow following steps:

First Step : First you should visit official website of Modicare company i.e., and then click on register or else you can download Modicare official app and then click on register yourself.

Second Step : Then registration form will open in front of you. First you need to fill your Sponsor number. Through whom you are joining, ask him for Sponsor MCA number.

Third Step : After that you need to fill and complete your registration form. You need to fill your personal information like your name, your nominee’s name, your date of birth, your address, etc.

Final Step : After filling your personal information, you need to upload your documents like address proof, pan card and other necessary documents, then in the end you have to set a password for your log in account and its all done.

These were some easy steps for modicare joining process. After following these steps, you will be able to join modicare business plan.

Modicare Commission

Guys do you wants to know about modicare business plan earning process? Don’t worry, we have taken this topic only for you, to let you know that how you can earn from modicare business plan. If you had joined the modicare plan then you can earn modicare commission in multiple ways. You can earn modicare commission in the following ways:

  • Modicare Product Commission
  • Performance Bonus
  • Director bonus
  • Leadership Bonus
  • DP Commission
  • Azadi bonus
  • Leadership Expenses

Modicare business plan provide you multiple way of earning modicare commission. From above mentioned ways you can earn profit, now we will tell you how you can calculate your modicare business plan commission.

Modicare Commission Calculation

Performance Bonus Calculation: Guys let’s understand it with the help of following example;

You have completed your 1 month in modicare business plan, and you have sponsored your 4 friends said A, B, C, D. Now let’s assume your PBV (performance business volume) as:

i.e Your PBV – 6000

A  PBV-4000

B  PBV-3000

C PBV-2000

D PBV-20000

And your group business volume (GBV) is Rs. 35000 and you are entitled up to 13% performance bonus. Then your group performance bonus will be 13% of 35000 = Rs. 4550. Now this performance bonus will be distributed among your group according to their performance. Like;

A is liable for 7% of 4000= Rs. 280

B is liable for 7% of 3000= Rs. 210

C is liable for 7% of 2000= Rs. 140

D is liable for 10% of 20000= Rs. 2000

Now their total is Rs. 2630, and the balance remained with you i.e., 1920 is your performance bonus. In this way you can calculate your commission under modicare business plan. Hope that you do not find it difficult or complicated to calculate your modicare commission under modicare plan.


Friends in last we can say that modicare business plan is a great business plan for you guys. In this article we discussed about the modicare full information, modicare business plan, modicare commission and how to join modicare plan.

Hope you find above about modicare plan useful and get its benefit from this information. If you liked this article and find it useful then defiantly share this article with your friends and family and help them to get about modicare plan.

FAQ With Modicare Business Plan

Q1. What is Modicare Business plan?

Mr. Samir Modi started modicare business plan which is modicare azadi business plan with 10 ways of earning profits. We have listed these 10 ways of earning from modicare business plan in below table.

S.NO.10 Ways of Income
1.Savings on Consumptions 20%
2.Retail Profit 20%
3.Accumulative Performance Bonus 7% – 16%
4.Director Bonus Pool 4%
5.Team Builder Bonus Pool 14%
6.Atoot Bandhan Bonus Pool 2%
7.Leadership Productivity Bonus Pool 15%
8.Dream Vehicle Bonus Pool 5%
9.Dream Travel Bonus Pool 3%
10.Dream Home Bonus Pool 3%

Q2. How do I start a modicare business?

To start modicare business, you need to join first modicare company. There are two ways of joining modicare business and start modicare business.

First you can join modicare company through a consultant or through a team leader. Second way to join modicare is to online register yourself with modicare on their official app or website. And you need following documents with yourself:

  • Valid Address Proof
  • Email ID
  • PAN card

In the article we have explained you step by step how to join modicare online. You can easily understand from that about the modicare joining process.

Q3. Is modicare business profitable?

No doubt, if you regularly purchase and sell modicare products and able to build your team or group you will get earning in number of ways under modicare plan.

Q4. How much can you make from modicare?

Income from modicare depends upon your performance in a month. Under modicare plan there are 10 ways of earning income. If you are able to sell modicare products and earn more PBV. Your earning total depend upon your PBV (Performance Business Volume). To Calculate your income through modicare commission you can read above article in which we have explained you about how to calculate your income.

Q5. Is modicare a good company?

Yes, Modicare is a great direct selling company. Modicare comes in top 10 direct selling company in India. Modicare is having approx. 100 products as well as 40 centres in India with over 1 lakh consultants. More over modicare provide you 10 ways of earning income through modicare business plan.

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